Pass values between Pages

I want to sent a certain Text Value from Page 1 to page 2 then I want to run page 2.

I made the following:

  1. In page 2 I create a function called, which take value from Page 1

---- > SetValue(MyPage1Text)

Page2_text =MyPage1Text;

  1. In page 1 I called this function like this


  1. Then I ran Page 2, and on Open page trigger I just want to see is its there

Message(‘Page 1 text =%1’ Page2_text); ------> Its empty

What I am i missing here?

----> Problem is that I canot see my value, it of type Text (a global variable)

if your global variable cannot store in database then you must use single instantce

Try to run it with the debugger. Set a watch on the Page2_text variable, then you can verify that you’ve actually set it and at what point it disappears. Can you show the code you made to call page 2 from page 1?