Query about parameter passing

Here I am doing some practice taking four five tables. Now I want to pass a parameter or say carry a value from one to another form. So How can I achive that. Say to column like Emp Id, Grade Id in the Rec of first form and want to carry both of then in next form. and in next form Grade Id is available but Emp Id is not.

make a code unit, declare 2 variables in that code unit change the code unit property single instance=yes. pass the value to those variable from 1 form and get value of those variables in another form

Hi, To pass the parameter from one form to another form please follow the steps mentioned below I have taken the example to pass the value from FORM1 to FORM2 1. Create a function called SETVALUE with two or more parameters as many you required in FORM2. 2. Declare a variable called DestinationForm as type Form and subtype as FORM2 in FORM1. 3. Now you would be able to view the global function when you press the F5 key. 4. You can pass the value like DestinationForm.SETVALUE(EmpId,EmpName); DestinationForm.RUN; thanks.