Outlook 2003 Signatures

Hi, We are sending emails through Navision in outlook 2003. I have no issues with the software, just that the email signature is not selected. Does anybody know if this is a setting issue?, has anybody managed to get signatures from Navision generated emails? Andrew Lees

Hi, I believe this is a known bug in Navision, no solution. http://www.mibuso.com/forum/search.php?mode=results Maybe it is solved in the 4.00 servicepack?

Signatures are created by Outlook when you create an email in Outlook. From Navision, all you are doing is using the mapi client to send an email, so the function in Outlook that triggers the creation of the signature is not called. I have never really tried hard to get around this. You can also compare this to things like spell checker, which also is not called. Think of it like using ODBC to populate a Navision database, you get the data in there, but the triggers are not called, so there is no validation. Sorry I can’t help, but I thought it might help to at least know what is going on.