email from contact card Navision 4.0 sp2 outlook 2003

Can anyone tell me why I have 6 users where the below works and 7 users where it doesn’t. All are on the same versions of outlook and Navision "To the right of the E-Mail field, there is a button with an envelope. When you click that button, the Create Mail wizard appears where you can write the e-mail and create an interaction to record the e-mail in the Interaction Log Entry table. " thanks Michael

What happens to users that can’t send e-mail? Navision crashes? Appears an error message?

Hi Nuno, nothing happens at all. It is all very strange


So now the problem is solved. The issue is in Office 2003 most likely a DLL problem. I had to un-install office 2003 and then re-install (repair did not work). I have asked our Navision re-seller about this but am awaiting the official Microsoft line on this one.

I also have checked in partnersource for outlook errors related to your version and I didn’t found any. Probably it’s related to Office installation.