Optimalisation database

I made a budgetreport that insert Budget Entries in the table G/L Budget Entry. However if I look at the optimalisationrate in the Database-info-sheet it is below 60%. If I run the optimalisationproces the rate gets to 97%. Does anybody know how to influence the way Navision writes its data to the database.

Check the keys in the table an disable all not used keys. regards Hans-Dieter

Keys have nothing to do with the optimization. In short, you cannot optimize automatically. The figure shown is based on the fact that the database is divided into blocks og 8K each. Each block can hold a max of 2 records, therefore there is a max. of 4K per record. The otimization figure shows how much “wasted” (unused) space there are in a table. This space is there because of “gaps” in the blocks due to records that take up less space than the 4K, deleted records, old versions of records etc. The “Optimize” button does more or less the same as a disk-defragmentation would do, it reclaims unused space, and “packs” records closer together. This has absolutely nothing to do with keys.