Optimize tables from C/SIDE

You can optimize tables in Navision from ‘File’ - ‘Database’ - ‘Information’ - ‘Tables’ - ‘Optimize’. I would like to automate this to be done every 14 days (say), and therefore need to be able to call the ‘Optimize’ function from within the C/SIDE code??

Maybe this can help you: http://www.expandit.com/products/ETO/default.htm

Hi, what will be the benefit of the “optimizing the tables”? - more performance or - more free space in the database? are you optimizing ALL tables? br Josef Metz

To Joerge: Thanks for the tip, it looks like ExPandIT can do the trick (we’re allready using their LaunchUtility for Batchjobs). To Josef: In the first place it will give more free database-space, and I think that it also will improve the speed…??

Hi, in my opinion and experience the “optimizing the tables” will lead to short-time more space and reduces the performace a little bit. the only tables that i “optimize” are tables that are “static” (once imported, never modifyed, and then completly delete and new imported). i don’t know if the “optimizing the tables” has been optomized in the last versions (since 3.01). Are there any other opinions and experiences? br Josef Metz

There have been a few discussions on the topic of Optimizing Tables. Here’s one I brought up a while ago: http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=8033

As I recall, Jens, you already have Automate in your toolbox. Right?

Hej preben Yes, I do have automate.

Well, especially if you use a SQL database, the Optimization has a major impact on the performance; refer to http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=13560 (Having in mind that there are different/better tools to optimize)