Information About Optimization option in navision 3.7

Hai every one, i need some information about optimization button in navision 3.7, actually my database size 30gb. it’s working too slow once i use the optimize button it’s working too fast.

so I need the information about optimization functionality and how this will effect on native database.



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This is the first time I hear someone saying that it’s working too fast!

The optimize does this (I try to be NOT too technical).

Inside the DB, all data is grouped in B-trees .

Inserting data in the DB can create a lot of levels. The more levels, the slower searching is, but the faster inserting can be.

Optimizing tries to limit the number of levels in the B-tree, thus improving reading speed, but generally decreasing writing speed (more often a new level must be created and this is a time-consuming process).

The fact that Navision receives the writings in memory and frees the transaction and then (when the server has time) writes everything to disk, (seemingly) limits a little the writing speed-decrease.

In general: it is best to optimize the tables that change little but are read a lot (like items, customers, vendors,…). But tabels in which there is a lot of writing (entry-tables, document tables, posted document tables,…) it is best for writing performance NOT to do it.