One client / multiple currencies

Beginner question[:I]: Can a customer have multiple lines in table “Item prices” with identical starting dates but different currency code without any bug risk in price adjustement batchs? All other fields are identical. I ‘m debugging a “personalized” database and I fear the FIND(’-’) “personalized” code. Would be fun in prices… Thanks, John

You are talking about “Sales Price” table, right? (3.70) There is no bug risk in standard Navision, since it’s a totally normal situation to have a different price for an item if the currency is different. However, you’ll have to look at your “personalized” database to see if it’s taking care of that possible situation. Also, in my understanding, the report “Adjust Item Costs/Prices” is affecting the item Card, not the “Sales Price” table. This table, if filled in, is overwriting the price on the item Card.