Apply entries in two different currencies

hi dear all,

we r using Nav 5.0.
we r posted few sales invoices with USD(foreign currency) for a particular customer. And received payment in USD also.
While applying frm cash receipt journal to the particular invoice,getting error as"All entries in one applicaiton must be in the same currency code".
I changed in Sales and reivable setup “Applying between currency”=ALL,Then it is posting but effecting entries in both accounts with local currency value
My bank account is having local currency code SAR(Saudi Arabian Riyal). Meanwhile two currencies effecting to the journal entry
Is this possible to apply and post such entries with two difference currencies???

I hope you got my prob,if any information please let me knw…

Thanks and Regardss

Hi vasu and welcome to forum,

G/L Entries will always be in LCY, and ONLY LCY. Other, such as Customer Ledger, are in transaction currency, but amount in LCY will be ALWAYS maintained,

Look at fields Amount and Amount(LCY) in Customer Ledger for investigation - if LCY is used, both fields simply contain the same amount. The same refers to Bank Account Ledger, it has both the fields mentioned, simply Amount(LCY) is hidden by default. Unhide this column, and you’ll see, that it’s maintained in SAR, and USD amounts appearing there are simply to show, that this given transaction’s currency was USD.

So, no problem here, you can post such entries and apply different currencies - Navision will recalculate your USD entry, only you must enter exchange rate for USD BEFORE you enter a transaction in USD. I don’t know what are requirements for forex rates in your country - many use last known before posting date (Navision default behaviour), my country legislation requires strict historical - this setup is up to you according to your requirements.