No Series - Specific Costing MEthod in BOM ?

Wondering, How to use Serial No. by Specific Cost method in Bill-of Materials. I am unable to include BOM and its kits using STRICTly serial number to post the Inventory. Moreover, is it possible to re-configure BOM items with Serial No. with different items and different Serial No. It is known as PRoduct Configurator. If it is possible, is there any customisation methodolody to change the logic of BOM using Serial No ? How difficult it is ? Need your kindly help and thank you very much.

Hi The simple answer is that you cannot put a serialised item in a BOM in standard Navision, I believe you have to modify the code to accompish this. Furthermore modification is the route you require if you need a product configurator. There maybe add-ons out there that attack this issue, so you may wish to put out a plea Steve

Thanks very much bro …

I use serilized numbered items within a BOM all the time and this is actually one area that we have not had customized at all! Kathy Bunk

Kathy. If you are using Navision Manufacturing you can have serialised items within a Production BOM and it will downdate stock successfully, whatever flushing method. However if you try and use Navision Financials and use serialised items within a BOM journal it cannot locate the serial number and does not find any inventory. This was very frustrating when initially found and was verified as a problem by Navision UK (alomg with many other Serial/Lot issues!). It seemed to me Kuya was experiencing the same problems, however you may have working code or a change you are unaware of, whichever, you are the lucky one as it does not work as standard over here! Steve Steven Weaver XONITEK Systems (UK) Ltd +44 (0) 23 80641175 (Tel) +44 (0) 23 80641173 (Fax)