Serial No. In Bill Of Material

How to produce BOM with added Serial No. Like Item with Serial No. ? Is it also with cost, because Item with Serial No. using specific…, Thanks for your solution Regards AKO

From memory, and I maybe wrong, BOM Journals do not support Serial numbers, so simply, in Standard Navision you cannot do this (in the current release). You could process the BOM Journal for one each time and use the Lot No. but of course you cannot have the cost type Specific (not to mention the fact this would be a REAL pain). I believe this would need a modification to allow BOM journals to handle serial numbers, unless of course there is an add-on to handle this. Sorry! Steven Weaver XONITEK Systems (UK) Ltd +44 (0) 23 80641175 (Tel) +44 (0) 23 80641173 (Fax)

Lanham has an Add-on, I haven’t looked at it yet, but we are looking for something similar, but will probably have to build it ourselves. We require Serial Nos. both on the Parent and multiple Components. Darren Bezzant, NCPS, NCSD Central Software Ludlow, New Brunswick, Canada

The upcoming NF 3.0 version might be the answer. One of the new things announced is Serial No. and Lot No. functionality. Don’t know, however, if this can be applied on BOM’s too - Don’t have 3.0 (beta) for evaluation yet :frowning: John