Lot Numbers and BOM Journals

When attempting to post a BOM journal if the component of the parent being used has a lot number the BOM journal will not post, returning the error message that the component is not on inventory. I know that it is on inventory and that the locations specified are correct, it works as long as the component does not have a lot number. Has anyone developed a workaround for this?

Hi, You cant use Lot No. if you going to use BOM journals. System try to post component with blank Lot No. I know that a lot of companies has add-ons that help to solve this problem. If you want standard solution you can use Navision Manufacturing. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Valentin, Thanks for your response, however Manufacturing would be complete overkill for the prospect. Looks like some development may have to be done at this end to tighten lot/serial number control up. Thanks again. Steve.

Steven, I have just encountered a similar situation (Lot numbers on BOM components) to one you describe above. Again Manufacturing would not be an appropriate option for the prospect so I am looking for other options and would appreciate any advice you might have on this issue. Currently I am considering emulating the BOM journal functionality by writing some code that sets up multiple +ve and -ve adjustments with normal item journal lines and controling the Lot No. allocation myself. THanks in advance. Chris.

Hi Chris It simply does not work and has been a long running issue. I believe NSC’s and customers have had to develop work arounds and modificaitons to enable the downdating of BOM’s with lot/serial numbers. I think, and I could be wrong, but this is still the case in 3.70. Nice to see three years ago, when I was a newbie, I was asking questions still relevant today [:D]. Or maybe that is just annoying [:(!]

[:D], I had these problems during most of my Presales Demos. We don’t hv 3.70 released yet and After posting several times on PArtnerguide, Best answers I recieved were: ’ These will be solved in the next release.’ Another thing which I want to add: ( Though I hv not confirmed this in detail): Does the Specific Costing method work with only Lot Numbers attached? In 3.60, system does allow at all to select specific costing without adding serial number Series in Item tracking tab." Anybody happened to work on it? DD