New Chart of Accounts Automation

Hi We have a project where customer wants to auto copy new chart of account across multi companies and databases. Navision is on SQL. Can anyone provide help on this… thanks for the great help !!!

In one db: General Ledger > Setup >Setup Checklist > Functions > Copy Data (in destination company + table must be abs. empty) Multiple db-s: If they match you could do Ctrl+A + Ctrl+C followed by Ctrl+V in new db and company, but if tables are diff then dataport helps. You could also write a CHANGECOMPANY fn. that copies it, but this seems unneccesary considering the priority of the job. Tõnu

Hi Tonu Thanks for the reply…the customer wanted an automation on this without going to General Ledger > Setup >Setup Checklist > Functions > Copy Data… especially they have a lot of companies in multi navision sql databases. Can you elaborate on this ??? Thanks !

G/L Account–OnInsert ChangeCompany(NewCompany) … … Insert Changecompany(OldCompany) Similarly for OnModify But this works only for companies within the same database.