Navision Attain 3.60 w odbc problem!

Hi! I have access 2002 running against a navision 3.60 database. My problem: on some computers in my lan I get in access 2002 when I import some tables from attain 3.60 over odbc (actual driver from 3.60 cd) only the english table names. On some other computers I get also the German Table Names in the access table import window. Where is there the problem? I have before in the navision 3.60 client in the object designer window also the caption column marked to be shown. Under language I choose in my navision attain 3.60 client German(Austria) also before - therefore all my menu items are in German. Thanks for good idea!


URGENT : could somebody give me a link to download the version 3.6 of the ODBC driver ?

The retailer does not exist any more and he left nothing to us !


Please don’t cross-post the same text in different places - that won’t speed up answering (as well as using URGENT - that is even bigger violation of nettiquette)