need Help with Attain C/ODBC

Hi All, I’ve programmed some Source Code in Excel 97 to import Data from Navision. This Source Code works fine with all versions from Navision 2.00 up to 2.60 (all German). But now, in the new Attain (German) there are some problems. If I start a query in Excel, Excel will crash with the Information from “Dr. Watson”: ------------------------------------------------ EXCEL.exe access violation (0xc0000005), address 0x02085ce1 ------------------------------------------------ Is there a know bug in the new ODBC driver? I used the ODBC driver form Attain 3.01.A, and yesterday the new one from the 3.01.B. The problem still persists. I tried it on several other computers and Operating Systems, but it is always the same. I also tried Excel to create a query, by themself (with the query assistant). I’ve got the same Error message of access violation, all the time. Did anyone has worked, or still works with Attain’s ODBC driver? Any inforamtion or experiences are wellcome. Please!!! Thanks Temple Edited by - Caleb on 2002 Jan 18 07:55:23