Nav Version 4 menu Problem

Has anyone else had the problem where a users menu has stretched so far across the screen it is impossible to drag back. The windows open from options chosen, but are not visible. We have deleted the ZUP file, but this has not made a difference.

Any ideas would be appreciated


That kind of error was a common in previous version of Nav But deleting ZUP file was more than enough. Menu size is defined in ZUP file. Have you deleted correct ZUP file?

This problem has been addressed in 4.0 SP3 (or 2?) Consider upgrading your executables so you won’t see this problem again.

I don’t think that the user has stretched the menu.

I suspect the full-screen-feature causing this problem. Many customers press the square on top-right-screen (maximize-button) to get a full-screen window (causing all NAV-windows to maximize). And many customers do get problems with the menu.

I myself do never use this feature and I have never experienced the problem. Instead I “maximize” only relevant NAV-windows by pulling the window corner.

This tool can help you reset the menu suite without deleting the zup file so that you won’t loss all other settings saved in the zup file.