Toolbox menu is off the screen

Using Microsoft Dynamics Nav 5.0.

When trying to edit reports or similar items the toolbox menu is half off the screen and I cannot drag to a new position as the top of the toolbox is not accessible. I have tried to resize the screen in a number of ways by changing the resolution but this has had no effect. I hope someone can assist. thanks.

Hi Tulio,

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Delete “fin.zup” file and then start navision client again, hopefully it will solve your problem.

ZUP files are stored in “Documents & Settings → USERNAME → Application Data” by default

Hi Dhan,

Thanks so much for your reply. I searched the location you mentioned and also the whole contents of my local hard disk and could not find the fin.zup file which is odd as i have found it once before. Do you have any other suggestions?

many thanks Tulio

Make sure “Show hidden files and Folders” as true, the zup file can be a hidden file

Hi Tulio,

Another solution is to use Alt+Space and then move the toolbar with the cursor keys. The toolbar “creeps” up evertime you open and close it.

Many thanks guys. In the end I moved the toolbox as Dave suggested and all is good now. I still couldn’t find the fin.zup file even after trying Dhan suggestions. Thanks all the same it was greatly appreciated.

regards, Tulio


Your main problem is solved, however, regarding “config” file - it must not necessarily be FIN.zup, try searching for .zup, as name can be any.
Another way - look in Navision shortcut, what the Target is, maybe there is added __ID=
(some string)*__ parameter after path to .exe - this parameter points to “config” file in use.


Thanks for the reply. I checked the shortcut on my desktop and it did not have any reference to a config file.

The path in the “Start in:” area is,

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\CSIDE Client”

Am I looking in the right place?

thanks, Tulio


Look at the one just above Start in: - named Target.

Start In is “working directory”, but Target points to executable, which is launched by this shortcut. After the path to .exe in Target there might be some parameters, in this case check for ID=… presence.

added: Check this thread, too


Many Thanks. The thread you attached was quite useful. My shortcut was not editable as highlighted in your link.

best regards, tulio

Deleting the ZUP-file is usually my last option. And - as mentioned above - it may be kind of a challange to “common man” to locate that ZUP-file. And deleting the ZUP-file causes that all my settings are lost!

Ad “creeping windows”: Some of my customers are having this problem “all the time”. I don’t have that problem. Well, very very rarely, had it perhaps 4-5 times during many years now.
Not sure, but I think this has something to do with NAV in full-screen-mode and Windows Screensaver; don’t know what or why. I almost never use full-screens (maximized windows) in NAV. But those customers having creeping-windows does indeed.

So - instead of maximizing windows (maximizing one in NAV maximizes all) - resize the windows you want to have other sizes - usually journals and orders/invoices. Maximizing e.g. the Customer Card does not give you anything extra. The resizings are saved in the ZUP-file, and next time you start NAV, the systems “remembers” your settings.

After all - we are working with Windows, not Window! Working with Window (without “s”) is what I did back in the early 1980’s, with DOS 3, before OS/2 and Windows 2! Now we have the year 2009. And I don’t want to go back to the Window-age.

Hi Anfinnur,

The toolbox still creeps up the screen when the windows are not maximized - try opening and closing it - it will move up a pixel at a time.