left menu filled all screen


why it happend?

would you give some advises?



Look for fin.zup file in your PC, and delete it. I believe you can find a lot of post regarding this ZUP file



As suggested, delete the .ZUP file and it should resolve the issue. The default location of file is :

C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data

How kind of ban it happens again and again?


  1. Copy your zup-file now and then.
  2. Try not to use full-screens in NAV; don’t know why, but I suspect NAV-full-screens combined with windows-pause-screens to cause that full-screen-menu (and other similar things).


What version are you using?

There was a patch for earlier versions for this problem.

Thank you first.

NAV 4.0


Yes, this was a problem on version 4. Ask your partner for the fix on this, it should be still available on partnersource.

what is the exact problem? [:D]


It’s a bug and there is a fix for it.