NAV Report Header

hi every one i am new in NAV2009 Sp1 any body could help me. my issue is in Header section we want comments like line by line suppose in item card has comments so in item header section every item has some comments so i want in report header section line by line .i hope understand my issue

Thanks &Regrds


Hi Port & Welcome to Dynamics User Group,

I believe you want to print all the comments (next to No. field, using Pencil shape button) written for a particular item,if that is the case, Item Header is NOT the right section for printing these comments. You need to use a BODY section & Comment Line table should be used (indented under Item data item)

thanks for reply but here not possible to take a BODY but i write code in header section

CommentLine.SETRANGE(“Table Name”,CommentLine.“Table Name”::“LC Detail”);
CommentLine.SETRANGE(“No.”,“LC Detail”.“No.”);
CommentL += CommentLine.Comment;

UNTIL CommentLine.NEXT = 0;

i write code this Format but my comments are like 1.this item is good 2.this item is bad

but i want the Format of 1. this item is good

2.this item is bad