Reports - New Section Footer misbehaving

I know this has been covered here before, but my searches are coming up dry. In Report 10077 (Sales Shipment) I have added a FOOTER section to the Sales Shipment Header dataitem. This section is to print out comments from the Sales Comment Line table. (I know there is a built in way to do this, but the comments are longer than the space in Description and Description2, and I don’t want unnecessary white space after every item.) This FOOTER section will only print on a new page. I can not locate property/code/etc. that I can manipulate to keep the section with the previous section if there’s room. Thanks in advance, cheers,

Indent DataItem “Sales Comment Line” twice, but DataItemLinkReference is “Sale Shipment Header”, put “Comment” in the body section of the dataitem “Sales Comment Line”. Regards,