NAV 2009 for project invoicing


is there anyone who is familiar with business, where project will be invoiced in different phases?

I’m wondering what kind of solutions you have made, when you have one salesorder, but you have to invoice for example three times during a year. First some inventory deliveries, then some hours people worked for project and finally rest of the work done for this project when project will be closed.

I am having NAV 4.0 at the moment and there has been done some very unpractical solutions so that when according my example above some equipments have been invoiced through salesorder - salesorder will be closed and because the work for that project have to be invoiced through “manual invoice” not through still open salesorder - those hours invoiced have to be put manually to salesorder as minus hours → to get open order amount (EUR).

I need to find solution where we can follow open - not invoiced projecthours /equipments after partial deliveries for projects without extra work for the people who is invoicing. If someone knows how you do that in NAV (2009 - we are updating NAV) I would be pleased to have a tip to that.

Have you looked into the Jobs functionality? Or maybe even blanket orders?