Can some body tell me:
1.How to run MRP in AX.
2.What is mean by net requirment line with reference =formula line
3.What if these formula line have requirement date in past?
4.When I try to view the proporsal (by go to maim table) then I see no record as I could see for other proporsals.
what can be the reason that these proporsals are still shown in the net requirments.

  1. There are multiple ways - read the manual. The simplest is in periodic. However if you do not know this the likelihood of having anything setup to provide meaningful results is very remote.

  2. The requirement comes from a formula of a planned batch order.

  3. You have failed to make a finished product when it was required - you will have future and action messages if configured.

  4. It could be a phantom, it depends you point is not clear. The reason for them still being in net requirements is that this is potentially a different plan, the dynamic not static plan.

Dear Adam,

More about point no.4
Its not a Phantom item
I am using regeneration type of dynamic master scheduling
Ther is not see much demand for the item stil system gave the proporsal for huge quantity
& this is because of this formula lines, there are no batch orders due to which these lines could have been generated

You need to clarify which plan you are looking at, set the dynamic and master the same and run teh plan again. There will be a pegging entry for it, if not you need to work back up through the requirements - there is a need otherwise it is not triggered, whether it is a current need depends upon what you are looking at.

Dear Adam,

1.Can you please tell me what do you mean by "set the dynamic and master the same "

2.pegging requirmets is shown but the order is purchase order which wil bring the stock require to full full this formula line proporsal requirment.

3.I always run from item master >net requirments or master planning peiodic.

4.There is no demand for the fomula lines & also we can not see the planned batch order by go to main table from net requirments.

5.In my previous experience with other ERP …we have some thing called “aquisition code” which is we select as MRP then that item is enabled for MRP.Hence we could run MRP on company level without any fear that items which are manuallt planned will not get proprsals by MRP.

But here in AX i do not see such tick on itm level which decides whether that item should be included in MRP or not…do you now any such parameter?

6.I am in situaltion like its difficult to run MRP on company level…we have to run one of the dimension level …if I run on company level the problem get solved…how can i solve the problem without running MRP at company level???

Thanks in advance

Look at the dynanmic and static plans defined in the parameters. 2, 3 and 4 depend upon sorting out 1 and defining what you are looking at.

This is the coverage group - set the ones you do not want to be planned to manual - it excludes it from planning. It is one of the four types, so pretty basic. If you leave the item coverage code blank it goes to the default one set in the parameters. You can also exclude warehouses from planning. It really is quite flexible.

If you ever filter planning you cannot guarantee the results, if you filter out items with dimension 01 then what about the requirements that could be created by the BOM components that are not dimension 01 - you have filtered these out by association, also true of transfer orders. You have to run it for all and THEN filter it - this is the way it is designed, if you do it your way, as you have discovered, it does not work.

latest obsevation:

Ponit 1.MRP running perfectly on company level (i.e IM>periodic>master scheduling…without any selection)

2.When try to run on one of the dimensions; In net requirments the formula lines which are proposed in above point 1 are duplicated.

i.e if I after running mrp on company level then whatever time I run the MRP on a specific dimension the formula lines which where present after running at company level appear in net requirments that many times.

Is it a known error???

As Microsoft tell you not to run it filtered they would not perceive it as an error - the error is with the user for running it in a filtered manner. Feel free to log it with them. I advise all customers to apply filters after it has run for all, this way you know it works.

Which dimension are you filtering on?

1.I am using BU (Business Unit) as a filter.

2.Adam ,How do I send you a document through these forum? I dont find any button to attatch a document.

Else can you provide me your email address?

It will not be easy to add so many screen shot in blog.

Point 1.If we run on company level then correct proposals are given by MRP…

Point 2.If after running on company level , we run on any specific Business unit or group of business unit then the formula line proposed in point 1 are repeated.

These lines appear that many times, whenever we run it on BU specific.

i.e if I get one formula line after company level run then after this company level run if I run on BU level 10 times then I will be shown the above formula line ten times.

You can upload images using the image button in the reply.

The business unit is a financial dimension I presume. You do not RUN it again, you apply a filter. However it is not designed to be split by financial dimension.

Talk to Microsoft they will tell you not to run it with a filter, I am not sure what more you want from me. There is no point in me giving you my email address because I am not your paid support contract or your partner - you should be talking to these people at this level of detail!

Dear Adam,

The formula line proporsal repetation problem is solved now bye our technical consultant.

But,when I am running company level master sheduling today My net requirements are only showing proporsal for demands till April This may be due to the coverage time fence in the master plan which I am using is set to 100. But when I change this to 365 still I am not getting any proposals for demand in may & june. what can be the reason

Answer: Explosion TF should also be 365 …:slight_smile: