New to AX. Production Planning Manager. Was an SAP Super User.

Hello team,

I was just brought on to lead a planning team that is running AX. Can anyone point me to or provide a user guide on Production Planning process/flow in the AX system? There is nothing written down here and only some users are actually using the system. We are not currently using MRP and are doing everything on excel spreadsheets, ignoring this great tool.

I am looking for overviews on the production order stages, material master settings (in house production time, mrp type, mrp controller). AX seems quite a bit different.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Wally

As a customer you should have all of the manuals, trade, production and planning. If not you should have access to customersource and you can download them from there. They are the intellectual property of Microsoft for customers and partners only so are not readily available to share.

Thanks for the response Adam. I am working on getting access to Customersource. I wasn’t sure if there was any other info openly available that might help to get me started.

There is a wealth of knowledge here as well as on the Microsoft Dynamics community. Several MS staff members have their own blogs as well.

We have just implemented AX in our company and have many phases to gently integrate it into the grand scheme of things. We have just begun to utilize Master Planning for safety stock only and it is an amazing tool compared to the ERP we had before.

Proper setup of your coverage groups to maintain safety stock is key in our scenario, and couple that with sales demand and you will be taking great advantage of the MRP module.

Hi Wally

Nothing openly available that is official except MSDN, they have the help files rather than the manuals from memory.

I would also advise you review any modification undertaken that may impact on production or planning because this would not be covered by the standard “manual” which is more course material to be honest.