MRP jobs


Do you think it is necessary to run different MRP batch jobs for RAW materials and Finished goods. Someone told me we should run the MRP for finished goods first, which will generate the requirement for raw materials, then run the MRP for raw materials. Which seems make sense. Not sure if it is correct or not. Just want to have your advice on this.


No it is not correct, AX and many other ERP’s with a logical master planning module, can move the requirements from the upper level down to the lowest level of requirements, the BOM has the structure of materials needed.

Thanks Hector,

But does it create problems if running seperate MRP batch jobs? So what they do is run the full master planning for every items first, then only run master planning for the Raw materials (filter by item groups) later? My concern is the planned orders for the raw materials might be not accurate? Or just duplicate batch jobs, the results are stil the same.


If you filter in ANY way it CAN lead to incorrect suggestions and results - the recommendation is to run it for all and then filter the results. Everything is related and planned by low level code, you start to filter and it will potentially miss the supply-demand balance and not create a suggestion. If you do this you will in all likelihood encounter issues. There is also no benefit from splitting them.

So if we run the mrp batch jobs separately as what I described will result in wrong MRP results, right?

The potential is there yes.

I was wondering what the scenario that need to run MRP for some item groups only if it will create potential risk for the incorrect results.

It depends upon the structure of the BOM’s, the low level codes, the supply and demand relationship coupled with the timing and ordering of the filtered batches - the issue is the potential of the system missing a requirement because you have filtered it out by process and structure.