Mov Journal Item Name


How can i add the Item Name Column in Mov Journal, while creating any line, the Item is selected by item number, but i want to add Item name in order to confirm the Item Number.


InventJournalTrans has ItemName display method, that need to be added to the form

\Forms\InventJournalMovement (Adding display method to form)

Dear Kranthi,

Please confirm the complete Method, in order to Add the Field.


Dear Ally,

This method is available in InventJournalTrans Table methods.

display ItemNameDisplay itemName()


return InventTable::find(this.ItemId).itemName(this.inventDim());


Another way you can write the code in InventJournalMovement Form → InventJournalTrans Datasource method

display ItemNameDisplay itemName(InventJournalTrans _InventJournalTrans )


return InventTable::find(_InventJournalTrans .ItemId).itemName(_InventJournalTrans .inventDim());