Missing Voucher Lines

Hi All,

I’m creating a sales order and trying to post a “Packing Slip” for the same.What is happening is that it creates a packing slip journal and when i open the journal,there are no voucher lines found in the journal.

Please can someone help me solving this issue.



That is because you have not enabled either or both of the following parameters.

Post physical inventory on the Item model group of your item.

Post packing slip in ledger on the Accounts receivable parameters Updates tab.

Check this and let me know.


I have checked in both the places,the fields have already been enabled.

But still i am get my ‘Empty’ voucher lines for packing slip journal.

Please help.

Check the GL parameter, Batch transfer rules tab. Make it Synchronous if it is scheduled batch or Asynchronous.

For the transaction already posted, in GL periodic, batch transfer for subledger journals. Run the job, the balances will be updated.



the batch transfer mode is already in “Synchronous”

Okay what is the Product type of item you selected for Sales order. Also paste a screenshot of Item model group settings here.