No voucher existed for the packing slip journal

i post the packing slip journal for a sales order, then i click the “Vouchers” button on the packing slip journal form, i cannot find any record over there.

i check the Account Receivable Parameters as below, the parameter “Post packing slip in ledger” is selected.

Then i check the Item model group settings as below, the “Post physical inventory” is also checked.

2783.screenshot 4.png

No sure why i cannot find the “Voucher” over there.


Check subledger journal entries not yet transferred (General ledger / Inquiries), if you have any records there post them.


Hi Wouter,

i have just checked the “Subledger journal entries not yet transferred”, i can find nothing over there.

and the “Transfer mode” is synchronous as below:

Do you have the problem for all items or just a particular one?


Check if your item has a cost price defined, if not no vouchers will be created.


Hi Wouter

i have just checked the transactions in the inventory module, both the physical cost amount and financial cost amount are blank, i only maintain the purchase price and sales price for that item. i purchase it from one vendor and sold it to a customer. and the inventory module for the item model group is “FIFO”. so from my point of view the cost should be the purchase price, right ?

Hi Dingjianrui,

Your statement is correct but did you invoice your purchase order? It is at this stage I believe the cost is allocated.
Also in your inventory model group is include physical value checked?

Hi Wouter,

Once i tick the “Include physical value” on the item model group, the vouchers are created automatically. an if post in invoice for the purchase order before i posting the sales packing slip, it also works well,

thanks for your help