Microsoft Navision Best Practices pdf file

Dear All,
I would like to askif you have Microsoft Navision Best Practices pdf file or VerticalSuccessBestPractice_NAV.PDF. I can’t download it from,
I wonder if one or more of you know or have it.
IF you want to give it to me,

Any answers or replies from you are expected. TKs in advance



I have one document related to vertical solution methodology.



Ashish, thanks, its great that you want to share this document. You could upload it to the download section, or attach it to this thread and I will move it for you.

Dear David

when i am trying to upload the file the error comes

You do not have permission to upload or link to files. Please contact your system administrator.

so i am not able to upload the files.


Yes sorry, at the moment uploads are restricted to certain users. Can you try to attach it to this thread, and I will upload it.