Cant find tthis file


I’m trying to locate the following Nav file and can’t. " w1wadg.pdf" I understand this has some helpful information about learning and creating simple reports for Nav Classic. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Andy,

in the Version before NAV 2009 you could find this file in the documentation-directory of the install-dvd. For NAV 2009 I haven’t been able to find it, it think it is replaced by the online help here…but I’m not sure about that. Do you have any former versions of NAV?

Regards Jan

Ok, I just checked again, it’s true in NAV 2009 there is no PDF-Application Designer Guide anymore…try this link:

Regards Jan


BTW, the files in download link you gave are on the DVD, too - in \Documentation\Developer Guides directory… Only difference - online files are more up-to-date, and maybe there are more “topics” covered, as MS updates the .chm files regularily.

Our Nav partner says they don’t have DVD discs as they downloaded our Nav from MS direct. Should I insit they let me have some disc’s?


It’s true about DVDs - MS doesn’t produce them, but you can download the disc contents from PartnerSource/CustomerSource - or even from forum’s Download section here.

Usually there are two formats available - an ISO image of complete disc for you to burn on a DVD/RW or already “unpacked” dirs & files, but the latter not always is a full set, for example, there might be /Client dir only for client setup purposes and so on.