Navision beginners.

can anyone please give me a document or link for navision beginners…

thanks in advance…

Yes: The first one is here: - then use search in the top of the page.


Aside from that, exactly which kind of document or link are you looking for?

Google has always been the best friend of all experienced Software Developers OR the Newbies.

Did you tried asking from Google whatever you want?

If you have some specific question its always welcome here!!

Sir, i have tried but not get any docs for beginners. thank you

thank you sir, i’ll try

Are you looking for Technical Documents OR Functional Documents?

Sir, I’m looking for technical docs for NAV. thank you.

TO be honest in 65% cases I’m using for C/AL and AL.

If you want Off-Line you can download it by “Download PDF” (right down “part” of the page)

ok sir… thakk you