main contact in customer

For example, I’ve create a new customer “1009” with main contact called “john”. Now suppose i going to create a new sales order using this customer.

when i call customer 1009 in my sales order, will main contact (john) from customer master file show in somewhere in sales order screen ?

Yes, the system will automatically populate the needed field - under General tab of your sales order.

Should you have multiple contacts, you will be able to choose from the list during the creation of the SO.

So did it not do it when you tried it?

I suppose sales order “Recipient” was taken from customer details “main contact”. But however, this is not the case.

My sales order recipient was not “john” but some other employee. I not sure where AX get it .

The recipient is the order taker, the person loading the order - YOU are receiving the order and therefore your user is assigned to the employee John.

Hi, Thanks for reply

But my sales order recipient is not JOHN. Here is the case

customer details

Account number: 1001
Main Contact : John

Sales order details
customer a/c no: 1001
Recipient : ???

??? taken from which part of AX

The recipient is the USER entering the order, the customer sends the order into the business, this is to reflect the person in the business receiving the order.

If YOU enter an order and your user is aligned to an employee this will pre-populate for you.

Ok. If i want main contact : JOHN (Not user entering order) carry from customer details and put it in sales order. Possible?

As Adam said recipient is user entering sales order.

You can do two things for that ->>>

  1. you can go for a work around like showing the list of contacts - in setup button → Contact Details

  2. you can go for a customization.

This will be in the sales responsible or the sales order pool if the order is setup with them, and the recipient is still the recipient.