Link between existing contacts and existing Customers from the Sales Order screen

Hi all!

I have uploaded all mu contacts ( persons and companies) ; Customers in Navision using the setup checklist. This works fine.

But now when I am creating the sales order for a customer , on the right hand side of the sales order on the header, on the contact link that is there i have all my contacts not the one that should be linked to this customer. How can I make that link for all my customers now??


In sales order you can only select contacts related to you current order customer.

When you “uploaded” them I presume you did this through a dataport?

Did you also populate the Contact Business Relation Table 5054? This is how Navision knows that contacts are related to customers, suppliers and banks.

You need to populate this table correctly to see how it works as standard.


also remember that when you create relationship you will be synchronising the records of the customer sell to and the contact. So don’t let your sales guts change contact company data !!!



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Data integrity is key !