Mail Merge

Hi Guys, i want to create a function or something related to enable to to merge details of my customers in a word document.

The idea is i wan to sent letters to my customers but some information will be derived frm Navision. How do i go along with this? Plz advice. Thanx in advance

Hi Fezih,

I would start by looking at the interaction-functionality in Sales & Marketing.
(Also look at codeunit 5054)

I have looked at CU 5054 but now in the word doc wat do i write to represent this line of code in the code unit:

AddField(CompanyInfo.TABLECAPTION + ’ ’ + CompanyInfo.FIELDCAPTION(Name));

Am writing this «Companyinfo.Name» but its not working. Plz asist


Depending on your version you can use style sheets or word automation - look at the code behind the interaction logging - to solve this.