Location Code


Is there anything we can block the location card t not to be permitted in any transfer or sales or purchase document .

Please advice if there anything to block the location card.

thank you .

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You need to customize the same as there is no functionality for blocking the location.

Here is the blog


not bad idea mohana … i like the solution … in all way we will prevent posting to this location …

As i hate to go through customizing …

In the above solution nobody can understand that location is blocked but it will message to users that it is some setup issue

and user can set it up the posting setup by going in setup.

Yes Amol you are right … but here the setup is not with the end user … and I know it needs customizing … and they must added to any new version as each master table … like customer orvenfor card … I willl usee this solution as temporary solution … even the user will not realize it till posting …

Thank you …