can we set Location Code as mandatory?

hi all…

i want to ask how to set Location Code as a mandatory?

so if user want to post from sales order become sales shipment, if he/she didn’t input the location code, he/she cannot post it…

or is there any nav standard that can block it?

Location Mandatory Field

The Inventory Setup Table

Here you can specify whether items must have a location code in order to be posted. Place a check mark in the field if you want the program to require a location code when posting item-related transactions.

ah thank you very much Mohana

this is what i want…

this setup is valid for every transaction using location code, is it?

for transfer order… item reclass journal… and other?

some of my transaction already posted without location

so what should i do with it? undo shipment? and then post ship again?

or can i just fill item ledger entry manually?

i know this is not good idea…

this is setup will check for all item - related transactions…wherever you use item you need to give Location Code…

if it is only shipped, you can undo it and post again with location

okay then

thanks a lot Mohana :slight_smile:

Welcome [:D]