Line Level Updated Problem @ PR to PO Process

Dear All,

I am Facing a Problem at PR to PO process through Workflow

Workflow is running fine based on our Client Requirement, But here,

  • Preparer was sent the PR to the Reviewer and PR Line level, Item was taken from the Item Master with Qty of 10 and Price @ 100,
  • @ Reviewer Level if the Reviewer was Update the (Quantity from 10 to 8) and the (Price was from 100 to 90) at line level, and send to the next level for approve
  • In the Approver level PR was Approved and Purchase Order was generated Automatically

But there is the Problem @ PO Line level the Quantity is 10 and the Price 100, So this is the Problem

Can you plz tell whether it is configuration issue or Still we need to configure some more thing…


Vinod P


I am also facing same issue.

Any updates pls??

there is one setup of order quantity in the parameters of requistion , please cehck that . it is preventing the quantity to be overwriten


Thanks for your reply

In purchase requistion parameter, I check the Lock. max order quantity and lock min.order quantity then also the problem remain same.


Sorry, Quantity is updating perfectly from PR to PO but prices(unit price and net amount) only not updating the same as in PR.


check this

Thank you very much