Regarding the PO Workflow

Dear All,

My Question is to be related to Confirmation of Purchase Order

My Client Requires… If I want Change the Quantity after Purchase Order Confirmation … Is there any Validation for the Edited Quantity or Else is this possible to Configure the workflow for Approving the Edited Quantity


Vinod P

Yes. We got same requirement.

We did small customization, we have added one more field new qty. configured the workflow,If qty<>new qty then workflow will trigger.

But what you said is wrong, you can’t edit the qty after confirmation (If active change management is enabled), You need to do request change.


Kanagaraj Periyasamy

Hi Kanagaraj Periyasamy,

Thanks for the Reply…

I know that, If I Enable the Change Management and Define the PO Workflow, I have to do the Whether it is a Request for Change, Approvals, etc before PO Confirmation only…

By My Client Requirement is after the Confirmation of the PO and send to the Vendor, If I want to Increase or Decrease the Qty, At this Point is there any Validation is there ?

I think I am sure In Standard Application it is not there

So Is there any other solution for this kind of requirements

Thanks for the Response once again


Vinod P