Limits users ability to use Items/FA

Hi ! We are in the phase where all users must only use G/l accounts in the purchase/receiving/invoicing area. How can we limit the ability for a buyer to purchase Items, FA ? What are the mechanisms possible? Thanks

Hi, Off the top of my head you have 2 options. They both involve Table 39 “Purchase Line”, Field 6 “Type” : 1. Properties: Property InitValue = 1 (G/L Account ) Property ValuesAllowed = 0;1 (blank or G/L Account ) 2. Code - Put this code or something similar in the “Type” OnValidate trigger (PL is a local Purchase Line variable):IF (Type > 1) THEN BEGIN PL.Type := PL.Type::"G/L Account"; ERROR('%1 must be blank or "%2"', FIELDCAPTION(Type), PL.Type); END;

Thanks Steffen

If you’re using SQL then why not try the Security Filter feature on Role/Permissions. You’ll need to set up a new role for that but it is quite simple and doesn’t need any code changes. [:o] just re-read your requirement - my suggestion will not work on an option field.[Sigh…]