G/L Security

Hi there I want to give a user access to the G/L account list so they can create and post Purchase Orders etc which are directly coded to a G/L account but they are not allowed to see any balances or transactions from the G/L. I don’t particurlarly want to give them access to each form individually if I can help it. Any ideas? Regards, Derek Lamb

I tried using the security filter but it was not simple and ended up using forms. If it is just g/l account form you don’t want to give them it is easy (lazy way). Copy all forms bar g/l account to excel and create a dataport file and import into the role you want to give them (a new ALL without the form 0). Quick and easy - and if you want to take off other forms later it is all so easy

It’s even easier if from the Permissions windows you go into the Permissions (All Objects) window. Once there, apply a filter to Object Type = Form. Now, on the Execute Permission column, use the Edit, Replace tool to find all ’ ’ (blanks) and replace them with Yes. This will allow access to all Forms, then simply clear the Execute Permission from the ones you wish to remove.

Thanks guys Looks like this will work, I’ve combined with a document on the msft knowledgebase which talks about giving code unit 12 read permision on the G/L entry table and hopefully have locked down most things. Derek