Permissionn and role that must found to see specified item to some useres in purchase order form

Hi guys if i want to make security filter in purchase order form to some user to see specified item what i make

meaning if i have user A and i want to give him permission to see one item (pen)only in purchase order form what i should do

(permission and roles)

please help me


You can only make it so he sees that one item everywhere, not just on the purchase order. It’s not really a good idea if you ask me. What is the business requirement?

no i dont want him see one item what happen that ihave my be 10000 item these items dividing to spare part(sp) water,cement,finished goods(fg) so that inventory employee

has user this user must see only spare part why he see finished goods and production employees have users this useres must see finshed goods but cannot see spare part

this bussiness requirment what i need


You required to do some customizations for the same. It is not possible through roles & permissions

I would do as follows

  1. In User setup add one field as category and assing specifice category to User

  2. Then on Purchase subform onlookup trigger of No Field YOu write a code for filtration of Category.

Hope this will work.

Can you little clear

what do you mean user setup and what code i can write to filtration category please help me


Are you technical developer or end user ?

technical developer

You have to add Field in User Setup Table called 'Item Category ’ and assign the category to that user

Then onlookup trigger you need to write a code for filtering that specific category for that user.

what code i must write onlookup trigger to filter specified category