Item used for internal purpose

Hi All how i can issue the goods from the inventory for the internal use. Like in The warehouse we have the stock for the water and i want to use it for my staff how can i make the transaction and also the effect ggoes to the account expenses. And one more for the expiry item how can i remove the expiry item from the inventory with the proper inventory and financial effects. Please advise me. thanks

What about the Inventory Journals like Profit/Loss & Movement Journal ?

hi, imran

You can create difference type of movement journal for it.

Inventory Management>setup>journal


For the internal item consumption, you need to post the movement journal. Remember to take appropiate Pl account as offset as offset account will be debited. You can also use dimension like department to track department wise consumption.

For the expired, although not sure, but standard doesn’t have feature for eliminating expired items.


Thanks alot for replying and suggesting me the solution.

I think for the expiry item we can also use the movement journal by putting any or expiry item expense account in offset.