Movement Journal

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There is a movement journal in which i have to give item details along with offset account. so can anyone tell me purpose of this journal and if any what is the purpose of offset account and what type of account can i assign it here. As i am new to axapta, can anyone throw some light on this issue.

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You can create movement journals with names and different offset accounts for different purposes. The standard journal can only go to the item group profiit and loss account, but if you want to track the write off of stock more specifically in teh accounts you can here, for example you may want expired stock to go to an expired stock account rather than the loss account, so you process this through a movement journal. It depends on teh business and whether in teh accounts they want to separate out certain item transactions.

Just more information for you… Stya

Inventory Movement Journal is used for actual stock in/out from and to your warehouse. This will create gain or lost of your inventory dollar value and therfore needs to generate GL transactions. Basically, GL transaction is to credit your stock and debit your offset account.

Inventory transfer journal is used for internal stock transfer within your warehouses and therefore not generating any GL transaction as your stock value doesn’t change.