Item Batch update on unit cost that share different purchase base unit of measure

We have a company that uses as lot of different sized steel beams and columns. In the BOM’s we use for the base unit of measure FT1, it’s the unit on all drawings and used in design. All these beams have a fixed conversion factor to their weight. Their weight is used to calculate the purchase price by the vendor and fluctuates weekly. Say, for one hundred different items we could use the same purchase price per LB which will convert in different prices in FY1 for each different beam.

Would there be a way to automate the calculation of the new standard cost (or unit cost) per FT1 if we get a new purchase quote )new steel price per LB) once a week?

Thank you, Niels


Not out of the box. You are asking can the Standard Cost Worksheet be created and automated so it rolled a new standard cost for specific items and implemented the new standard cost, which could effectively create a Revaluation Journal with a new Standard Cost. I have been asked before to create a customization that performed such an action using a Job Queue and running this Monthly. You will need to connect with your Partner to create such a customization. Your partner will follow the logic you provide and perform the 4 steps in a Standard Cost Worksheet process.

You could also do this manually a few times to see how long it takes and then decide if customization is necessary.

Hope this helps.