Bill of materials and item unit costs


I have an item A with a bill of material (B with unit cost 2€ and C with unit cost 3€).

A has no unit cost.

When A is assembled in a BOM journal - then I want the unit cost to be updated on A:s item card to 5€ (2+3). But it is not updated!

Is it a setup och some report I should run to get this?

My goal is to get the cost on sales orders when I sell item A.

I run NAV 5.0


Try following:

Run the Adjust Cost Item Entries batch job (Purchase>> Inventory & Costing >> Costing >> Adjust Cost Item Entries)

It should update your cost.

What is your costing method?


The costing method is standard on item A.

The Adjust Cost Item Entries didn´t do anaything that I can see. But it was something like this I was looking for.

What costing method should I use to get something to happen? Or am I doing something else wrong?


Use anything EXCEPT standard. Standard cost is standard cost, so you are saying the cost of the item is 0 and post anything else to variance.

Set it say to FIFO, ensure you have automatic cost posting activated, process the production order and run adjust cost item entries.


One solution is to change costing method to FIFO. Thanxs AdamRoue!

I found an other solution if costing method is Standard. It’s the function on item card - item - Assembly list - “calc standard Cost”. This one calles funktion “CalcItem” in codeunit 5812. But I haven’t found any batch that does it for all items :frowning: . But I found that codeunit 5812 has a function “CalcItems”. (so I suppose there is a batch somewhere in the program…)

What’s the difference between these two solution?