Hi Experts,

I have bought an item for 100 LCY so that the the value is updated in Last Direct Cost.

Now i want to sell this item for 130 LCY so i want to update this cost in unit cost so that it is updated automatically in the sales line. How to do this.

Also later if i want to change the cost what are the things i need to do

First understand the How costing works in Navision.

It is impossible to update that Unit price amont In unit cost .

Why don’t u use that unit price field in item card - Invoicing Tab, enter amount 130 /- in that Unit price field , automatically it will update in sales order line or sales invoice line .


Reema is right that you should use “Unit Price” field for updating the sales price in SO. Please understand that difference between Unit Price and Unit Cost.

Unit Cost is cost incurred by the company whereas Unit Price may be considered as the Sales Price .

You have to think about a scenario when cost change will be really required, may be then you can use “Item Reclassification Journal” or “Revaluation Journal”.

Yeah dhanraj my majot requirement is i want to update cost in BOM so there should be the unit cost i hope .

So to do this what are the batch jobs i need to run .

Plz help me

First you make sure what exactly you want to do. The solution to first has already been suggested.

Please tell me why do you want to “update cost in BOM”

So what has caused the cost to move? If it has moved £30 it has been subject to value add, so you have produced it or altered it so it becomes a different item this is done through the production where the transformation occurs and the new cost is known. You could always use a revaluatoin journal but my feeling here is that not only do you not understand costing you do not understand what the customer wants and this is why you are confused and not explaining yourself clearly - go back and find out what the customer wants and why and then apply this to the NAV processing, then ask a question - vague questions generally get vadue answers.