Issue related to route piece rate in route screen

Dear All,

Need a urgent help… i have client requirement …For Example

i have a FG BOm item for which there BOM and Route say

(FG item) FG1 uom NOs===> RM1 1 uom Nos (BOM)

===> operation 10 (Route) (powerding opeartion)

Cost of this operation is calculated on based on the powerding done on the raw material example RM1 which is steel sheet .The size of sheet is per 1 no is 0.6 feet X 0.7 feet = 0.42 Sqft

For processing powdering 1sqft it cost 82 inr ,

i create a Production order for 100 nos and start the same…

Now i do the route card journal for operation 10, as 100 qty so the process cost should be calculated as below

100 X 0.42 X 82 =3444

Which am not able to map in AX 2009 . Please let me know if any body has come with such case. Thanks.




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