Invoice Journal Posting ERROR

Dear All,

Can any tell the solution for the ERROR Message at Invoice Journal Posting Level

Posting results for journal batch number XXXX-00001

  • You must select a value in the Division field in combination with the following dimensions values that are valid:
  • MainAccount 7708010.
  • The combination was not validated beyond the Division financial dimension.
  • Dimension values were validated with this account structure: P&L
  • Account number for transaction type Error account does not exist.
  • Reported from company accounts XXXX
  • Posting has been canceled.

Sorry, I not unable to Insert the Image,


Vinod P

Because of the error you didn’t complete the Financial dimensions tag of the invoice journal with the appropiate values.

Go to ‘General ledger\Setup\Chart of accounts\Configure accounts structure’, in this screen at the right side look for the structure named “P&L”, select the structure and in the first column MainAccount look where the account 7708010 is.

The rest of the columns are the financial dimensions you should select when posting the invoice journal, go through all the columns to see the tree of the dimensions you must select according to the combination of values.

Hi Vinod, could you post the journal?