Dimension selection error

Hi ,

When i am trying to create the Invoice journal and with out defining the dimensions , selected the offset account , then system thwos the error like

Dimension set value ? - ? on set DEPT+CC is not authorised on hierarchy All

My Question is that we need to configure that before the selecting offset account system should throw the error abot the dimensions ?

b) with out selcting the dimensions in the PO/SO , if user selct the item code then the same error would come , so my question where is that configuration like if user does not selct the dimension throw the above error ?

I have observed for some invoice it will throw error at the time of posting and where as for some invoices it will throw error when user select the offset account.

Pls share your experice.

To configure the system as per your requirement i.e. to throw the msg when no dimension is selected in the PO… you need to create the dimension set and dimension set rules. with that you can totally control the selection of dimension at various places ilke journals, PO/SO, vendor masters, customer masters, inventory journals and all.

But, you should have the full control on dimension set and rules. I suggest you to go through the PDFs to set this dimension validations. You can play in many places with it.

The problem seems to be related with COA configuration and Dimension set rules.

Check that out for the problem.


The Solution is

General ledger - > Setup - > Ledger tab - > Activity set field Options : None , At posting , Atupdate and Posting.

Select whether to activate the use of dimension set hierarchies.

This field is set to None by default, which allows the system to be set up for dimension hierarchies without interference until the system is ready to use dimension set hierarchies.