Sales order Invoice error

Dear all,

I have completed all steps in Sales order. But while doing invoice it is showing this error.What actually is this error…

Do i need finance people to do some setup.

The combination 501100–12–110- is not valid for the account structure P&L.


In the sales order, you haven’t mentioned required dimension which is mandatory as per COA structure.

Re-enter the financial dimension on the sales order and try to post it. It will post.


Hi Pranav, i have a related question. My balance sheet account structure set up as range of Main account from say 2000…3000 with dimensions

2000…3000 + Business Units (all) + Customers (all) + Items (all)

Now when I try to post the product receipt list, I have two accounts set up 1 for purchase expenditure - un-invoiced (2150) 2nd for Purchase Accrual (2950)

System is throwing a message the dimension combination you selected 2150-- is not valid

dimension combination you selected 2950-- is not valid.

2150 is set up as AP account type (balancesheet)

2950 is set up as WIP in P&L

  1. I thought it’s not mandatory to select the dimension unless you have an advanced rule or something.

please advise.

Hi Patrick,

Dimensions are mandatory by default. In your case, dimensions are not updated in PO lines. Update it and it will post.

Secondly, on the COA structure, when we select segment, there we can do the setup for null dimension allowed. If allow null is checked then system will not throw any error.

So you need to do either of two:

  1. Specify dimensions on PO lines - recommended

  2. Activate allow null on dimensions - not recommended until accountant confirms