Inventory valuation report

Hi ,

I am passing some transactions in AX 2009 . I want to know the inventory value of Physical amount + Financial amount .

Forexample : I have created a purchase order 10 Pcs @100 , so total value - 1000 , out of 10Pcs , 4 already invoiced and 6 not invoiced.

When i gone through inventory value by group , system is showing inventory value as 400 only .

But my client is asking any report which will show the financial cost + Physcial cost . ( 400 + 600= 1000)

Please let me know .

Any help ?

Hi ameen,

u can check the Inventory by Dimensions report… It will fulfil your requirement.



This report is not giving the correct results .

Any other report ?

You could try Physical value by item group instead. It is more focused on GL reconciliation and not so much on the inventory dimensions.

There is report called Physical inventory by inventory dimension.

You will get details what you are looking…